Tutoring, but easier

yourtutor gives your child on-demand access to Australia’s best teachers for help during study, all in just a click.

yourtutor has all the benefits of tutoring; without
the struggles of finding a local private tutor.

All of the confidence, learning outcomes, and household harmony during study time; none of the appointments, car trips, and locked in hourly costs.

yourtutor local private tutor
Only use as much as the student needs, no wasted or unnecessary time
All core subjects, all year levels available
Access from any location
Students get a digital transcript of their discussion and working
Always available after school hours Sun – Fri, 3pm – 11pm
Subject-specialist always available
The best tutors and teachers in Australia
Must meet quality assurance and Blue Card checks
Low-pressure environment for students

During interviews in 2014, NSW parents told us:

“We tried a tutor who came to our house, but my son found it confronting having someone putting that pressure on, sitting right there. He’s happier and more confident typing.“ Kylie Fraser, Pennant Hills NSW
“ We liked the Wednesday afternoon tutoring session, the tutor was nice. But it wasn’t enough, it couldn’t help Sunday night with a sudden maths homework panic, freak-out. ” Yumi Kwan, Kogarah NSW
“ School is so fast-paced now. Plus sport and music, our house doesn’t stop. Tutoring that can fit in and keep up would be nice. ” Jenny Cobb, Leichhardt NSW

Here’s how we can help

yourtutor is just-in-time tutoring to fit your family’s life and child’s learning. When your child gets ‘stuck’ during study, help is ready in just a click.




Families are busy and on the move, so are teenagers. Whether at school, at home, or in the library, an expert is ready whenever and wherever your child needs help during study.



Is it 8.30pm the night before an exam? Make sure your child gets help before they reach breaking point, not a moment too soon. Avoid arguments, build confidence.



Every student learns differently. Tutors work to your child’s level and learning speed, ensuring your child is building confidence and their own learning every step of the way.


All core subjects

Whether Extension II Maths, Advanced English, Physics, Biology, Chemistry or History research your child is covered throughout high school.

How it works

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Step 2: Get help right away

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Step 3: Worry less

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Who are the online tutors?

Members of our elite tutoring network are Australian teachers, university experts, or professional tutors. All must undergo national child protection screening and knowledge assessments to ensure yourtutor offers the best help and highest standards for your family.

Try it tonight

With our Pay As You Go plans, you only need to purchase the amount of time you need. There are no recurring commitments. When you run out, simply purchase more minutes.

All plans include

  • Live, on-demand access, no appointments required
  • Access to our expert, online tutors
  • Help across a range of subjects like English, maths, science, and more
  • Our interactive classroom
  • Tutoring sessions are based only on the minutes you use

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